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Pelorus Bridge Outcomes

Here you'll find the set of bridge outcomes that we have developed in the Pelorus community.

= Dashboard available in Pelorus

= Dashboard on the roadmap

= Outcome still needs definition

Software Delivery Performance

Measures the ability of an organization to deliver value to its customers

Our measures for Software Delivery Performance:

  • Lead Time for Change

    Time from code committed to deployed in production

  • Deployment Frequency

    How often does an app deploy to production

  • Mean Time to Restore

    How long it takes systems to restore after a failure in production

  • Change Failure Rate

    Percentage of deployments requiring rollback and/or fixes

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Developer Adoption

Measures an organization’s ability to reduce waste by adopting common patterns, platforms and tools

  • Adoption rate

    Measures the ability of the platform or tool to scale to support multiple teams and products

  • Retention Rate

    Measures the sustainability of the platform and whether it continues to be used beyond initial onboarding

  • Adoption lead time

    Measures a team’s ability to onboard into a new platform, tool or pattern and exposes constraints in the process

  • Adoption Density

    Measures the quantity and quality of user activity

  • Operational efficiency

    Measures the number of people needed to support the platform as it scales and exposes technical debt

  • Developer Satisfaction

    Measures the extent to which the platform is meeting the needs and wants of development

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Value Flow

Effective productivity leads to value delivery that impacts the end customer

  • Flow velocity

    Number of work items completed over a period of time (a.k.a Throughput)

  • Flow load

    The number of work items currently in progress (a.k.a Work In Progress)

  • Flow Time

    The time from “active” to “done” (a.k.a Cycle Time)

  • Flow efficiency

    Ratio of active time vs wait time for a work item

  • Flow distribution

    Break down by the types of work: feature, bug, debt, risk


Measures an organization’s ability to ensure that customer facing systems are operational when needed

Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees are more engaged and more likely to drive business success, reducing overall churn

Customer Experience

Quality and Sustainability