Pelorus Dashboards

Pelorus dashboards show Key Performance Indicators that measure various Bridge Outcomes.

Learn what we measure and why on the Our Philosophy page.


Exporters enable Pelorus to customize data points to capture metrics from various providers.
e.g. Deploy time exporter, Commit time exporter, Failure exporter
The source from which exporters automate collection of data points (metrics).
e.g. OpenShift, Git providers (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket), Issue trackers (JIRA, ServiceNow)
The data points that are collected from the providers.
e.g. deploy_time, commit_time, failure_creation, failure_resolution
Metrics calculated to represent an outcome. Each outcome is made measurable by a set of representative measures.
e.g. Lead Time for Change, Deployment Frequency, Mean Time to Restore, Change Failure Rate

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